The Virtuoso Cellists

`The duo mesmerise with clearly articulated sound output, passionate expressive interpretation of classical works. Their dynamic virtuosity and flexible style of play turns the concert into a pure delicacy. ́ (Christel Radix, Westfälische Rundschau)

Cello Doppio

Founded in 2010, during the `Deutscher Musikwettbewerb ́ in Bonn, the collaboration of the individual abilities of the cellists Norbert Anger and Arthur Hornig resulted in an all time high level chamber music experience - the `Cello Doppio ́.

A presentation of self-restructured works from operas, sinfonies and chamber music and also original compositions for two violoncelli are offered by the duo. Moreover, each of the musicians could on request perform with works for violoncello solo.

The programs of the `Cello Doppio ́ is topped up by the musicians` individual moderation.